The Manaiakalani Programme

Manaiakalani is an education programme achieving significant improvement in student achievement outcomes. By offering students full digital citizenship, the Manaiakalani Programme is not only achieving improved educational results, but also realising the potential for enhanced employment and life outcomes for our students.

To make digital citizens of our learners and their whanau, we enable them to access their learning anywhere, anytime and at any pace. We do this by supporting parents to buy a personal digital device for each learner and providing wireless internet access at home and school and by supporting Manaiakalani teachers in their continuing pedagogical innovation. Accelerated student achievement outcomes are evidenced by an extensive research base.

Why does your child need a chrome book?

New Brighton Catholic School joined the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme in 2018. The Woolf Fisher research group has gathered data from Manaiakalani Schools for 10 years and clearly shows that student achievement in these schools is higher than non-programme schools. A student from a Manaiakalani school will be achieving higher in writing, reading and maths at Year 9 than the students who have not been in the programme.

By Year 9 students will be 1 1/2   years ( 4 terms) ahead in writing,  2 1/2 terms ahead in reading and 1/2 term ahead in mathematics. The success of the programme is based on the positive impact of students blogging about their learning. Through blogging students are able to write for a real audience and receive feedback that encourages them to learn. Instead of students’ learning only being seen by their teachers at school their families, peers and other people can see, read and comment on it at any time. Students’ blogs connect them with a wide audience anywhere in NZ and even across the world.

In the past 18 months teachers at New Brighton Catholic School and six other schools in the Te Ara Tūhura Cluster have been learning about the Manaiakalani model of teaching and learning called Learn Create Share. So far at New Brighton Catholic School four teachers have completed intensive training, two more are currently involved and all staff are participating in ongoing professional learning. As teachers are implementing Learn Create Share with their classes they are seeing children becoming more engaged, growing in confidence and making progress especially in Writing.

As a school we have purchased several class sets of chrome books however we have reached a point where we are not able to provide devices for every child from Year 3 onwards to use. To enable teachers to implement Learn Create Share across the school children will need to start sharing devices and this will place limits on their learning. Children who have a personally owned chrome book will have the advantage of being able to learn anytime and any place, including at home.

We realise that purchasing a chrome book for your child may be a challenge however the investment you make will provide them with a proven advantage for learning. By the time they reach high school they will have a greater chance of success with NCEA.

The Uru Manuka Trust provides parents / whänau with four options to purchase a device. By purchasing in bulk through the Manaiakalani Trust devices can be purchased at a reduced cost which also includes an insurance cover. The devices come set up ready to use at school at no additional cost.

Details will follow as to how to purchase a chrome book for your child for 2020 erly in Term 4.